1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-12191W



1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-12191W: A Convenient Packaging Solution for Various Purposes


Packaging plays a crucial role in various industries, from retail to manufacturing. It not only protects the products but also enhances their presentation and convenience for both businesses and customers. Bags are one of the most common and versatile packaging options available in the market. They come in various sizes, materials, and designs to meet specific requirements. One such popular bag option is the 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12", manufactured by ULINE, and available in a carton of 1,000 bags (S-12191W). These doorknob bags offer users a convenient and efficient packaging solution for a multitude of purposes. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of these doorknob bags and discuss their potential applications.

Features and Specifications:

The 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags by ULINE are made of premium quality plastic material, ensuring durability and strength. These bags have a thickness of 1.5 Mil, which provides ample protection to the contents inside. With dimensions of 4 x 12 inches, these bags offer a suitable size for a variety of items. The white color adds a clean and professional touch to the packaging, making it visually appealing. Each carton contains 1,000 doorknob bags, ensuring an ample supply for businesses or individuals with high packaging needs.


1. Retail industry: These doorknob bags are widely utilized in the retail sector. They are particularly useful for jewelry stores, small boutiques, or clothing stores. These bags can be used to pack items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or small accessories. The doorknob feature allows easy hanging or display of these bags, enabling customers to conveniently view and access the products.

2. Promotional materials: Businesses often need an effective way to distribute promotional items, such as pens, keychains, or brochures. The 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags provide a suitable packaging solution for these items. The white color of the bags can be customized with the company logo or branding, enhancing their visibility and memorability.

3. Event giveaways: Organizing events, conferences, or trade shows often involves distributing freebies or information packets. These doorknob bags can be used to pack event-related items, such as merchandise, brochures, name tags, or badges. The bags can be easily attached to doorknobs, chairs, or other fixtures, ensuring visibility and easy access for attendees.

4. Residential usage: Apart from commercial applications, these doorknob bags also find their use in residential settings. They can be employed for organizing and storing small household items, such as nails, screws, buttons, or craft supplies. The transparency of the bags allows users to quickly identify the contents without the need for opening each bag individually.


1. Convenience: The doorknob feature of these bags makes them incredibly convenient. They can be easily hung on various objects, eliminating the need for additional equipment or packaging materials.

2. Protection: The 1.5 Mil thickness of these bags ensures the safe storage and transport of the contents. The plastic material protects the items from dust, moisture, and other potential damages.

3. Versatility: The 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags offer versatility in terms of applications. They can be utilized in various industries and for different purposes, making them a valuable packaging solution for businesses and individuals alike.

4. Cost-effective: With a carton of 1,000 bags, these doorknob bags offer a cost-effective packaging solution. The bulk quantity ensures a steady supply, reducing the need for frequent reordering.


The 1.5 Mil Doorknob Bags - White 4 x 12" - ULINE - Carton of 1,000 - S-12191W provide a convenient and efficient packaging solution for a wide range of applications. Manufactured by ULINE, these bags are made of premium quality material and offer ample protection to the contents inside. From retail to residential usage, these bags provide versatility and ease of use. With their cost-effective pricing and ample availability, these doorknob bags are a popular choice among businesses and individuals looking for practical and reliable packaging options.

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